Roll Positioners

ASY-RL Series

Product Description

ASYSOL’s Azimuth Positioners are compact, robust and application focused in their design. They are simple to use, allowing for safe and reliable operation from the moment they are operated. All the models are backlash error free, assuring the user of the highest levels of standard accuracy.

The positioners have user connector interfaces, integrated slip rings (12 channels are available as standard), absolute encoders, RF connectors, rotary joints and internal RF wiring meaning you can depend upon the ASY-AZ positioner series to provide highly accurate rotation, upon cross-roller type slewing bearings.

Fitted with industry standard brushless motors and distributed driver electronics, the user can take advantage of any combination of multiple positioners and slides for bespoke user-concepts of simultaneous motion.

Positioners are supplied with a test and calibration report, as well as user manuals and user documentation helping the end-user make optimal use of the product.


High speed
Rotary joint options for frequencies up to 50GHz
Adjustable limit switches
Wiring options for dual-channel RF feed-through
High accuracy (0.003 degrees)
Accuracy calibration under load (set of custom loads)
Custom wiring and slip rings (additional channels are available upon request)
Customised turntables
Request Data Sheet

ASY-RL Specifications

Model Number Vertical Load
Bending Moment
Nominal speed
Turntable size
Motor power
ASY-RL-M2 80 20 12 5 0.100 200 3 50
ASY-RL-M10 200 150 12 5 0.070 200 15 181
ASY-RL-M20 300 200 50 5 0.030 200 15 118
ASY-RL-M30 500 400 120 5 0.030 200 25 226
ASY-RL-M60 1,000 600 200 5 0.030 200 35 345

*ASYSOL reserves the right to make changes at any time to the specification of the Products, provided such changes do not materially affect the installation or performance