Anechoic Chambers


Product Description

ASYSHIELD chamber system is a modular sandwich panel based enclosure which is highly suited for cases where an enclosure for the measurement system is required with moderate expectations on shielding effectiveness. The main purpose of the shield walls is to provide a reflective metal backing for the lossy materials installed on the inside of the chamber to provide an anechoic environment. The combination of both, shield walls and absorbing materials is thus excellent suited to provide a quiet RF environment for different types of testing applications.

Typical average shielding effectiveness attained ranges up to 60 dB before the installation of the absorbers, but can be extended up to 80 dB on request.

As part of the shield wall installation the attained shielding effectiveness can be measured.

Due to the modularity of the sandwich panel based shielding, the size and layout of the chamber and operator’s control room can be fully customized for automotive, wireless, aerospace, defence, and more. The external walls can be painted in any required colour. Moreover, due to the modular construction, the chambers are easily dismantled for relocation if desired.

Integrated in the design process, an assessment of the airflow and temperature conditions of the shielded chamber is performed. Based on the results a proper ventilation or HVAC system can be included or recommended. Airflow in and out of the chamber is allowed through honeycomb panels which provide sufficient shielding conditions up to 40 GHz.

Similarly, an early warning fire detection system is included as a standard. The fire detection system is based on COTS products which are validated against present day standards and regulations. If so required the system allows to be further integrated in the building alarm signalling network.

Main Features:

The shielded enclosure consists of shielding panels made of two sheets of galvanized steel
The enclosure has excellent resistance to corrosion
Special metal joint design to maintain shielding attenuation
Modular design enables custom sizes to be offered
An effective solution also for future changes or upgrades
Simple and fast installation
Cost effective modular design


High accuracy and stable antenna measurement systems
Shielded laboratories
Test and measurements chambers
Wireless testing and validation
Cellular devices testing

Standard Offering:

Ventilation panel
Power line filters
Internal power line sockets
Performance validation documentation

Optional Items:

Additional door
Additional penetration panels
Smoke detection system
Special wall penetrations

*ASYSOL reserves the right to make changes at any time to the specification of the Products, provided such changes do not materially affect the installation or performance