Log Periodic Dipole Antennas


Single Linear-Polarized High Crosspolar Log Periodic Dipole Array

Product Description

Our Single Linear-Polarized High Crosspolar Log Periodic Dipole Array antennas are wideband operation antennas consisting of sequences of linear dipoles connected forming coplanar arrays, allowing efficient automatic testing without standard bands breaks stopping, into lightweight structures.

ASYSOL antennas offer very low VSWR with high gain and very low cross-polarization in frequency range. LPDA antennas are covered by radome structures, in order to protect them and form more stable mechanical structures. Custom frequency bands are available upon request. Each antenna includes high precision customized mounting interfaces with levels and absorber plates. A detailed calibration report would be available upon request, critical for anechoic chamber applications.


EMC test measurements antenna
Compact antenna test range feeds
Spherical near-field antenna test range feeds
Far-field antenna test range sources
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ASY-LPDA-S Specifications

Model Number Frequency range
VSWR Gain [dBi]
Antenna Factor [dB/m]
(Typical, At Far Field)
Discrimination [dB]
(Typical, At Boresight)
ASY-LPDA-S-005 0.50 – 1.10 < 2.0:1 7.0 18.0 – 24.0 > 35 SMA Connector
ASY-LPDA-S-006 0.65 – 2.00 < 2.0:1 7.0 19.0 – 31.0 > 35 SMA Connector


ASY-SL-HX-LPDA: Radiation Patterns
Radiation Patterns
Log Periodic Dipole Antennas: VSWR
ASY-SL-HX-LPDA: Antenna Factor
Antenna Factor

*ASYSOL reserves the right to make changes at any time to the specification of the Products, provided such changes do not materially affect the installation or performance