Special Positioning Configurations

Special Positioners

Special positioners & customized test setups

Product Description

ASYSOL has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing special positioners and customized test setups in response to various challenging demands and applications.

We specialize on delivering reconfigurable test setups where a Compact Antenna Test Range is installed in the same anechoic chamber with a Spherical Near-Field/Far-Field setup thus allowing the customer to choose the test approach depending on specific requirements.

Various combinations of the translation and rotation axes can be included in a customized AUT/DUT positioners allowing convenient mounting of large and heavy test objects. Special multi-axis positioners have been developed for handling DUTs for Radar Cross-Section measurements allowing roll-pitch-yaw-height control of suspended DUT in a test setup. Some examples of special positioners and setups are shown in the picture gallery.

We will design & manufacture an optimum test setup for your application according to your requirements!