Golden Standard Antennas


Golden Standard Antennas

Product Description

Golden Standard Antenna (GSA) is a dedicated antenna used for comparing the measurement results in a given measurement facility obtained in different time periods, or the results from different measurement facilities. GSA should fulfil specific requirements:

  • GSA mechanical design must ensure very good structural and electrical stability over operational temperature range and with respect to any orientation of the gravity field.
  • GSA mechanical design and transport box must ensure stability of the electrical characteristics after transportation.
  • GSA must include precision level and/or other references, so that the measurement coordinate system can be accurately reproduced in each measurement setup.
  • GSA should have representative electrical characteristics as required for particular purpose, for example, operation frequency range, wide or narrow radiation pattern, desired sidelobe level, polarization, gain, impedance, etc.
  • GSA should produce as little as possible illumination of the mounting interface in order to exclude effects of the interface scattering on the GSA results.
  • GSA should preferably be easy to handle and use: for example, have low mass, easily accessible electrical interface, repeatable mechanical interface, and well-defined alignment tools.
  • GSA should have accurate reference results for the main characteristics.

ASYSOL designs and manufactures Golden Standard Antennas for validation of the installed antenna test setups and on customer request according to the desired specifications. Some examples of the manufactured GSAs are shown in the photos. Accurate reference results can also be provided if required.

Request Data Sheet

ASY-GSA Specifications

Frequency Range [GHz] 30.0 – 40.0 GHz
< 1.5:1
Cross-Talk Between Ports [dB]
> 25
> 22
Gain [dBi] (At Center Frequency) 13.0 ± 0.5
Crosspolar Discrimination [dB] (At Boresight)
> 30
> 26
Input/Output K (2.92mm) Connector
Golden Standard Antennas: Port Radiation Patterns
ASY-CWG-DC-300 Port Radiation Patterns
Golden Standard Antennas: VSWR
Golden Standard Antennas: ASY-CWG-300 Port 2 CDP
ASY-CWG-300 Port 2 CDP
Golden Standard Antennas: Cross-Talk Between Port
Cross-Talk Between Port

*ASYSOL reserves the right to make changes at any time to the specification of the Products, provided such changes do not materially affect the installation or performance