Anechoic Chambers

Shielded Environments

Product Description

ASYSHIELD-HP shielding systems provide high performance shielding effectiveness in line with current demands. ASYSOL offers several lines of types depending on the specific project requirements starting at 70 dB attenuation and ranging up to as high as 100 dB at 40 GHz. The enclosures are build using sandwich or pan-type panels respectively.

In order to maintain the highest shielding performance, ASYSOL is ready to extend its control system with fibre optic signalling to prevent any conducted signal penetration of the shielding walls. Moreover, as a standard power line converters are provided with excellent shielding capabilities.

The shielding walls are provided such that they can be easily lined with absorbing materials to provide an anechoic environment. The combination of both, shield walls and absorbing materials is thus excellent suited to provide a quiet RF environment for different types of testing applications.

Integrated in the design process, an assessment of the airflow and temperature conditions of the shielded chamber is performed. Based on the results a proper ventilation or HVAC system can be included or recommended. Airflow in and out of the chamber is allowed through honeycomb panels which provide sufficient shielding conditions up to 40 GHz.

Similarly, an early warning fire detection system is included as a standard. The fire detection system is based on COTS products which are validated against present day standards and regulations. If so required the system allows to be further integrated in the building alarm signalling network.

The shielding systems are manufactured and installed by our carefully selected partners. Together with our partners, ASYSOL is ready to provide high performance cost-effective solutions for any type of requirement.