ASYSOL to supply Millimetre wave system to Chalmers University (Sweden)

ASYSOL is pleased to share news it has been selected to supply a new customer, Chalmers University, Sweden, with a first class Millimetre wave measurement system capable of measurements up to 300GHz including 5G testing. The range will be configured to allow the customer to perform Compact Antenna and Spherical near-field measurements.

ASYSOL Selected by KETZ

ASYSOL today announced that it has won a contract to supply a compact antenna test range reflector to KETZ in Kazan, a company developing wireless antennas located in Russia. The test zone will allow the measurement of antennas up to 1m in diameter from 1GHz to 40GHz.

ASYSOL receives order from Telecom Italia

ASYSOL has received an order from Telecom Italia to deliver a Compact Antenna Test Range and a Near-Field measurement system to be installed at the company's R&D laboratories in Turin.