Spherical (Gantry over Azimuth)

ASY-(SNF\FF)-GA Series

Spherical Near-Field Far-Field

Product Description

ASYSOL Gantry Arm systems are mainly intended for the measurement of larger and heavier antennas and devices under test, for example up to Ø6m and up to 2-5 tons, but can also be designed with smaller dimensions, in case this spherical configuration is more suitable for some application. GA systems feature high-precision, backlash-free EL-positioners and comprise a lightweight arm structure with ultra-high rigidity, which is available in radius sizes from 0.5m to 6m. Small scan track impurities due to GA deformations in gravity force can optionally be automatically compensated to improve radial and angular positioning accuracy.

ASYSOL utilizes industry-standard brushless motors with distributed driver electronics and real-time control, delivering high-accuracy positioning at various speeds. The GA system includes an automated probe radial translation stage and polarization stage with RF rotary joints in polarization and elevation as standard.

On-site installation and precise alignment of the complete setup are ensured by using a laser tracker, which provides high accuracy of the achieved setup geometry.


Wireless and automotive test measurements


Dual-channel RF wiring and rotary joints
High accuracy options with 0.005º accuracy
Custom slip ring and rotary joint options including fluidic slip rings
Large, custom turntables including a dynamometer option
Integrated slide and lift options
Styrofoam columns for low-scatter AUT support
Ground-plane options including underground storage of large gantry arms
Custom AUT handling options, including rail-based or air-cushion based trolleys
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ASY-(SNF\FF)-GA Specifications


Antenna positioner [deg] Azimuth, continuous 360º rotation
Gantry Probe positioner Backlash-free EL-Positioner (twin motor) with optimized gantry structure. Includes polarization stage over a radial slide. Lined with absorbers
Motors Robotic AC brushless servo motors. Integrated absolute encoders
Max antenna diameter [m] 8 depending on specific design
Max DUT mass [tonne] 10, currently existing, depending on specific design we can offer higher capacity
Angular accuracy [deg] Azimuth, Elevation: 0.02; Polarisation: 0.05
Repeatability, Az, Roll, Pol [deg] 0.01
Resolution, Az, Roll, Pol [deg] 0.001
Rotation speed [RPM] Azimuth, Elevation: 12 (2 RPM). Polarisation: 30 (5 RPM)
Position controller Simultaneous control of up to 16 axes, simultaneous display of 8 axes, supporting stepper and servo motors, incremental and absolute encoders. Includes wireless Local Control Unit
Workstation Standard PC with large LCD display
Software ASYSOFT: company proprietary data acquisition and analysis software. Includes spherical NF-FF transformation based on SNIFTD from TICRA
Probes Set of single or dual-polarised probes covering standard waveguide bands
Standard Gain Horns Set of calibrated SGHs covering standard waveguide bands
Cables, rotary joints, amplifiers 3 rotary joints, set of RF cables, necessary RF amplifiers, up to 18/26/40/50/67 GHz depending on the desired upper frequency
Antenna control Slip rings with 12 lines for control and power supply
Supported VNA manufacturers Keysight Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz and Anritsu

*ASYSOL reserves the right to make changes at any time to the specification of the Products, provided such changes do not materially affect the installation or performance