Spherical (Roll over Azimuth)

ASY-(SNF\FF)-RL Series

Spherical Near-Field Far-Field

Product Description

ASYSOL Roll/Azimuth systems are intended for the characterization of antenna parameters by Spherical Near-Field or direct Far-Field measurements. The dimensions of the setup can be customized to be suitable for smaller and lighter antennas, up to Ø0.5 m and 10-15 kg, or medium size and weight, up to Ø1 m and 30-50 kg, or larger antennas up to Ø2 m and under 150 kg. Optionally, a floor slide can be added to change the measurement distance from approx. 1-1.5 m to the maximum length allowed by the anechoic chamber, for example, 4-8 m, thus allowing reconfiguration of the setup from SNF to direct FF measurements.

A lower elevation stage (pick-up) can also be added at the bottom of the model mast as an option to facilitate the mounting of larger antennas, or an upper elevation stage can be added to facilitate the main beam measurement of steering beam antennas on an FF setup. The frequency range is limited at the lower end by the performance of the anechoic chamber and at the upper end it is virtually unlimited using mm-Wave extenders in case of direct FF setup, and to some 100 GHz in case of SNF setup.

The antenna positioner stack-up allows the necessary rotations of the antenna under test to the desired directions making use of the following positioners:

Roll positioner
Upper slide
Azimuth positioner


Base Station Antenna Measurements
Wireless Antenna Measurements
Microwave Point-to-Point Antenna Measurements


Manual or motorised floor slide to facilitate changing the distance between the probe and the antenna positioner
Pick-up elevation stage or upper Roll/Elevation stage
Azimuth/Elevation or Elevation/Azimuth
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ASY-(SNF\FF)-RL Specifications


Antenna positioner Roll-over-Upper Slide-over-Azimuth, continuous 360deg rotation both for the Roll and Azimuth axes
Probe positioner Polarization positioner over adjustable fixture as standard
Motors Robotic AC brushless servo motors. Integrated absolute encoders
Max antenna diameter [m] up to 2, depending on specific design
Max antenna mass [kg] up to 150, depending on specific design
Angular accuracy [deg] Azimuth: 0.03 (RMS); Roll 0.035 (RMS), Polarization: 0.05 (RMS)
Repeatability, Az, Roll, Pol [deg] 0.01 (RMS)
Resolution, Az, Roll, Pol [deg] 0.001
Rotation speed [deg/s] Azimuth: 12 (2 RPM); Roll, Polarisation: 30 (5 RPM)
Position controller Sequential control of up to 16 axes, simultaneous display of 8 axes, supporting stepper and servo motors, incremental and absolute encoders. Includes wireless Local Control Unit
Workstation Standard PC with large LCD
Software ASYSOFT: company proprietary data and analysis software.
Probes Set of single or dual-polarised probes covering standard waveguide bands
Standard Gain Horns Set of calibrated SGHs covering standard waveguide bands
Cables, rotary joints, amplifiers 3 rotary joints, set of RF cables, necessary RF amplifiers, up to 18/26/40/50/67 GHz depending on the desired upper frequency
Antenna control Slip rings with 12 lines for control and power supply
Supported VNA manufacturers Keysight Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz and Anritsu

*ASYSOL reserves the right to make changes at any time to the specification of the Products, provided such changes do not materially affect the installation or performance