ASYSOL Selected by UAB (Spain) for the Supply of a Spherical Near-field System

Madrid, Spain, 7 Oct 2015 - Antenna Systems Solutions S.L. (Celestia Technologies Group), a leading provider of antenna measurement solutions for the defence, government and wireless industries, today announced that it has won a contract to supply a spherical near-field antenna measurement range to the University of Barcelona in Spain. The antenna group will perform measurements from 1 to 6GHz on a number of antennas for different R&D projects. This solution is based on ASYSOL’s state of the art positioners and automated slides. According to Maxi Herrera, Alava Ingenieros, ASYSOL's representative in Spain "This is our very first project in partnership with ASYSOL and we are very excited about it. We have have been acquainted with the ASYSOL team for a number of years and we are confident that the customer will be fully satisfied with this system which as always is our main goal."