Antenna Systems Solutions to supply Millimetre wave system to Chalmers University (Gothenburg - Sweden)

Madrid, Spain, 2 Oct 2019 - Antenna Systems Solutions S.L. (Celestia Technologies Group), a leading provider of antenna measurement solutions for the defence, government and wireless industries, is pleased to share news it has been selected to supply a new customer, Chalmers University, Sweden, with a first class Millimetre wave measurement system capable of measurements up to 300GHz including 5G testing. The range will be configured to allow the customer to perform Compact Antenna and Spherical near-field measurements; ASYSOL will be working in consortium with partners Emerson & Cumming Anechoic Chambers (E&C) and OEM Electronics.

According to the Sales & Marketing Director of Antenna Systems Solutions, Carlo Rizzo, "We are delighted to be supplying this flagship millimetre/5G test range to such a prestigious customer. With this project, ASYSOL, gains a major foothold in a market it considers critical to the future of the industry "

Prof Marianna Ivashina, Head of the Antenna systems research group, “We are happy to have the support of a competent and experienced engineering team of ASYSOL in creating a customized design of our millimetre/5G antenna measurement chamber with very challenging performance requirements. We believe that this chamber will place Chalmers as an outstanding university moving towards THz frequencies and massive MIMO systems with high levels of integration between antennas, electronics, and digital signal processing. When it becomes operational, we are in a perfect position to attract the top students and researchers who can explore their potential with this unique educational-scientific infrastructure.