Antenna Systems Solutions S.L. (ASYSOL) was incorporated in 2010 as a spin-off company from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Spain and was owned by a group of Professors and Antenna Measurement professionals. The Radio Frequency group at the University founded ASYSOL based on the vision that antennas could be characterised in a cost effective way with state of the art technology. The RF group at the University has been heavily involved in antenna design, manufacturing and testing for the last 35 years and still acts has a strong pillar for research and development in this field. Since then, ASYSOL has gradually introduced a number of products in the antenna measurement world helping customers obtain measurements in a more efficient way and at a reduced cost.

In 2011 ASYSOL re-developed some of the core products such as positioners, controllers and the ASYSOFT antenna measurement software package (previously known as PROCENCA). This allowed it to break through on the international stage with a major order from Rohde & Schwarz, in the United Kingdom, on behalf of the University of Kent. Since then, the company has been expanding rapidly across Europe and beyond.

In 2012 senior management took the decision to relinquish 52% of the shares to Celestia Technologies Group (a private technology investment company based in Santander - SPAIN). CTG is a group of companies working in the technological forefronts of space, military,  telecommunications, science, and information technology sectors. Today ASYSOL is a fully fledged organisation (with over 25 employees) with a substantial install base across every major European country. We are continuously expanding by increasing our customer share and signing up new representatives/distributors.