About Us

Antenna Systems Solutions S.L. (ASYSOL), part of the Celestia Technologies Group, is a leading European organisation specialising in the provision of antenna metrology and RCS systems. Founded in 2010 the company has been expanding ever since and is headquartered in Santander (Spain). In addition, ASYSOL provides an end to end service to our customers by designing, manufacturing and testing antennas.

Products include positioners (rotary and linear), controllers, near-field scanners (planar, cylindrical and spherical), compact antenna test ranges, shielded enclosures, standard gain antennas and probes. ASYSOL's systems are based on the latest technology sourced from the robotic and automotive industries to ensure the best quality and reliability over time. 

Services include antenna range relocations, calibration, antenna testing, training and teaching. 


Our main features, key to our ongoing success are:

  • Outstanding technical knowhow and RF capabilities
  • Agile and innovative organisation
  • Dynamic and customer focused team
  • Superior mechanical design and unequalled accuracy for positioners, scanners and mechanical systems
  • Cost effective systems and solutions
  • Excellent unparalleled customer satisfaction


"Changing the economics of antenna measurements"